How To Block Blue Light On iPhone And iPad
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How To Block Blue Light On iPhone And iPad

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If you are worried about blue light from your phone or tablet causing retina damage, you can use Apple’s night shift function to turn off the blue light on your iPad or iPhone in iOS. This stops it from the emitting blue light, which can damage the retinas in your eyes. To turn off the blue light coming out of your iPhone, go to settings and search for night shift, and then set it up to turn off and on on a schedule. If you want it to be on night shift all the time, you can set it to turn off one minute before it turns on, and then it will be on almost all of the time. Blue light from cell phones and tablets and computers can disrupt your sleep rhythms and can also cause damage to your retina. If you spend a lot of time looking at your phone and your iPad or tablet, then you should put it into Night Shift mode to filter out the blue light coming from your phone screen or tablet screen. This is easier than using blue blocking sunglasses or a blue blocking stick on filter for your phone or tablet. If you filter out the blue light, it won’t damage your eyes. If you read the recent news reports about this, they are pretty scary.

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