Yahoo Finance introduces digital currency into its platform -
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Yahoo Finance introduces digital currency into its platform


The platform provides users with information in various areas of life. In connection with the significant growth of the popularity of the crypto-currency sphere, this direction of information is also public. The creators of the resource announce information about the price of all known types of crypto-currencies, the volumes of their market capitalization, growth rates.

According to the initiators of the launch of the platform, digital currencies are gaining popularity in the society at a frantic pace and the monitoring of their dynamics is now worried by more and more people, so their offspring will provide more convenient control over information for users. 
The Yahoo portal is the leader among the free listing platforms of the North American region and the United States. With its help, many beginner exchange players draw information on the dynamics of digital currencies and, based on this information, make their first private investments. After expanding the capabilities of the Yahoo Finance platform, information became available here not only about the basic digital units, like Bitcoin and Etherium, the service also analyzes a lot of less popular cryptonyms. Among other things, service administrators are actively cooperating with CoinDesk in the area of ​​the markets and other crypto-exchange market indicators. 
Coinbase support is integrated into the new service, which allows users to enter their account accounts via Yahoo Finance. Like all the latest developments, a new mobile application for iOS and Android has been developed for the new features of the platform.

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