The Vatican is planning to hold a crypto-exchange conference. -
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The Vatican is planning to hold a crypto-exchange conference.


In the near future in the cradle of the Catholic Church are going to hold a very significant event: the Papal Academy of Social Sciences announced its intention to hold a conference on digital currencies and the role of blockchain in the non-banking sector of the modern economy. The organizers of the event are going to pay special attention to the role of crypto-currency values ​​in the shadow economy.

One of the keynote speakers will be the representative of the Canadian bank, Joseph Marie. Also, a number of cardinals and the secretary of the Vatican are going to make a speech. 
The conference is planned in the framework of measures to prevent trafficking in persons and slavery, which were approved by Pope Francis. 
Marie during the conference intends to explain to the participants the extent of the slave trade in Canada and the world, and also to point out the amounts of money attracted in this sphere. Among other things, it is planned to analyze the mechanisms for raising funds for this type of illegal activity and the role of the digital currency in this process. 
The event attracts a large number of representatives of human rights organizations and projects, including Global Alliance for Legal Aid and Project Protect. 
By conducting such a conference, the Vatican intends to draw public attention to the problem of trafficking in persons and the growing role of the crypto currency in this illegal activity.

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