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The US authorities are constantly monitoring the development of the Crypto-currency.

During a recent briefing by representatives of the USA presidential administration, a statement was made by the spokesman regarding the turnover of crypto-currency units. According to him, the department created a specialized service that will directly monitor and monitor the development and operation of the digital currencies market and, above all, bitcoin.

Such a decision, according to the press secretary, was made in connection with the recent sharp jump in the cost of bitcoins. Asked by correspondents about the government's intention to control the crypto-currency market, Secretary Sandres replied that the topic had previously been discussed with the security service of the White House, but at the moment there is no concrete and final decision on this plane. Any changes in the government's position regarding digital currencies, according to the assurances of the press secretary, will be immediately reported to the general public.

It is worth noting that the government plans to monitor not only the crypto-currencies, but also the software products based on the blockchain.

Despite the fact that the US government has previously expressed its positive opinion on the technology and the digital currencies themselves, however, due to significant and somewhat unjustified increases in the price of bitcoin, it is a little "cautious" and recheck this segment of the market



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