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The Russians propose to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation to transfer pension payments to the blockchain.


Recently, on a popular online platform for placing electronic petitions in, a document was filed with the request to the Pension Fund to consider the possibility of transferring pension savings to citizens for blockchain. 
According to the author of the petition of Artem Isayenkov,

technology will help to increase the accumulation of the population and optimize the process of indexing pension savings of citizens. According to him, the modern system of calculating pensions and indexing them absolutely does not correspond to the rate of inflation. In connection with the recent decision of the PF to reduce payments to working pensioners, the author concluded that the department lacks sufficient money. Therefore, Isaenkov suggests PF officials to think about the possibility of investing in digital currencies and learn the principles of the operation of crypto-exchange and blockchain technology. This will provide the funds needed to level the current funding gap. Isaenkov urges the leadership of the Pension Fund to understand the issues and principles of the blockchain and the crypto-currency market in order to use the working potential of its employees to obtain additional funds.

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