The government of Kazakhstan is set to limit crypto-currency transactions. -
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The government of Kazakhstan is set to limit crypto-currency transactions.


During the recent press conference of the chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Daniyar Akishev, the latter expressed an intention to develop restrictions for operations with crypto currency, they can bear the risks of speculation. Now the agency together with the government of the republic is developing possible approaches to regulating and issuing the digital currency. This work, according to Akishev, involves a number of difficulties,

because specificity of the digital currency in the absence of binding to the state and the implementation of any obligation to secure the moment.

"Due to the high increase in prices of cryptocurrency it is possible to make a quick profit on their back, but later it may be possible loss of all funds received for criptocurrency operations. The state is not able to give any guarantees on crypto-currency obligations, because the latter are not really provided with anything, "Akishev stressed. According to him, the state in the person of regulators is simply obliged to warn the population now about the existence of risks and the possibility of irretrievable loss of funds.

National Bank is currently already made proposals to tighten control over criptocurrency operations, such as the ban on mining companies, the calculation of the digital currency in the national currency of the country and a number of others.


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