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The EU Special Commission will study the blockchain of the detachment in its infrastructure.


More recently, the European Union has decided to allocate a quarter of a million euros to support the work of a special commission to study the potential of blockchain technology and its application capabilities to support the work of the EU infrastructure.

The main goal of the project is to study the possibilities of constructing data based on the blockchain environment, which, being reliable and protected from extraneous intrusions, will be able to provide an opportunity for free acquaintance with its elements. The authorities of the Eurozone intend to optimize costs and losses in the provision of EU services to third countries.

According to official documents, the project provides for the study and development of products on the renovation of the blockchain-platform, which can be integrated into the activities of both state and universal European institutions. Questions about further optimization of the work of the proposed products at the level of the whole EU and possible areas for the application of new solutions are also considered.

Tenders for participation in the project are accepted until January 19, 2018.

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