The citizens asks the president of Ukraine to legalize digital currencies -
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The citizens asks the president of Ukraine to legalize digital currencies


Today on the official web resource of the administration of the head of the Ukrainian state there was an electronic petition demanding an early determination of the status of digital currencies and related concepts. According to the text of the document, authored by Alexander Grin, the President requires an early legal settlement of key crypto-currency concepts: digital currency,

mining, turnover and crypto-currency transactions. Grin also asks to define a clear regulatory order and state requirements for such activities.The author of the petition indicates the need for timely and appropriate regulation of activities related to the digital currency, as well as the need for legal registration and taxation of such activities. According to him, now many Ukrainians have earnings at the expense of mining and turnover of crypto-currencies, but they can not properly arrange this kind of business. In this regard, among other drawbacks, such people do not pay taxes and, accordingly, can not make their contribution to the state budget. Grin, in addition, insists on the exceptional prospects for the development of the crypto-currency market and the huge usefulness of such a market for the development of the country's economy. According to the Ukrainian legislation, such a petition must be supported by at least 25 thousand citizens in order to be submitted for consideration to authorized state bodies. Since the publication of the article, the petition was supported by 38 people. The document will be available for review and possible accession to it by February 15, 2018.

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