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  • The citizens asks the president of Ukraine to legalize digital currencies


    Today on the official web resource of the administration of the head of the Ukrainian state there was an electronic petition demanding an early determination of the status of digital currencies and related concepts. According to the text of the document, authored by Alexander Grin, the President requires an early legal settlement of key crypto-currency concepts: digital currency,

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  • Bitfury offers the Ukrainian authorities to hold elections with the help of the blockchain


    BitFury, a transnational specialist in the field of blockchain, invited the Ukrainian authorities to provide technical capabilities and specialized software to support the electoral process. According to the marketing director of the company Georgy Givishvili, the technology of the distributed registry provides an opportunity for complete independence and objectivity of the election process, which ensures maximum transparency of voting and the correctness of vote counting.

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  • In Ukraine, it is proposed to free mining and crypto-currency transactions from taxation.


    As previously reported, Ukrainian parliamentarian Sergei Rybalka introduced draft law No. 7246 for the consideration of the Verkhovna Rada on the specifics of the tax regulation of crypto-currency transactions. The document provides for the possibility of exemption from tax deductions for individuals engaged in the acquisition, exchange, sale and production of crypto-currencies.

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