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  • Almost 4 million bitcoins disappeared forever.


    According to recent studies conducted by Chainanalysis, which studies the Bitcoin system, the location of 3.79 million bitcoins is not known. Such coins are defined as lost and do not show themselves in the market. The analysis does not determine the exact number of lost units: the company names the figure from 2, 78 million to 3, 79 million.

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  • The main Ukrainian bank has not yet identified the nature of the crypto currency.



    Already for a long time in Ukraine is the process of legislative consolidation of crypto-currency transactions. The country, following the chosen course of European integration, is set up for the legislative recognition of digital currencies, but faced a number of technical problems when developing the relevant regulatory legislation. This time problems arose with the definition of the legal status and nature of the digital currency.

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  • Yahoo Finance introduces digital currency into its platform


    The platform provides users with information in various areas of life. In connection with the significant growth of the popularity of the crypto-currency sphere, this direction of information is also public. The creators of the resource announce information about the price of all known types of crypto-currencies, the volumes of their market capitalization, growth rates.

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