November 9 Bitcoin will turn 9 years old. -
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November 9 Bitcoin will turn 9 years old.


Very soon it will be exactly 9 years since the creation of the world crypto currency No. 1 - Bitcoin. It was on this day in 2008 that his creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, announced to the entire financial world about the creation of a "peer-to-peer electronic cash system" called Bitcoin.

Since its appearance, the world has won universal recognition of the world financial community and now has a price of $ 6,230 and a market capitalization worth more than $ 100 billion. 
On the official domain of Bitcoin is still located the so-called. "White Paper", in which the entire process of currency development has been disclosed since 2008. At the time of creation, Bitcoin saw his creator as a universal means of payment, which would enable him to settle directly between counterparties of the transaction, without using financial and banking institutions. Now more than three million people use Bitcoin every day, but in the future, with the current rate of development remaining, this figure will grow to about 200 million in about 5-7 years. 
This year this event is the most significant since the maximum quotations and capitalization of the market were met by a coin even in the absence of significant adjustments to its value.


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