In search of Google bitcoin has overtaken Trump and gold. -
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In search of Google bitcoin has overtaken Trump and gold.


As the service Google Trends, which analyzes the statistics of Internet users, during the last year the inquiries concerning the purchase of the most popular crypto currency in the world became the most popular and outstripped even gold. 
According to experts, this interest is primarily due to the unprecedented rates of growth in the value and capitalization of the crypto currency market for a negligible period of time.

A number of experts also link the growth of bitcoin with the rapid growth of the US stock economy. Recall that in the past about six months the price of bitcoin relative to the US dollar has increased almost 4 times, while the cost of gold has increased by 11%. 
Regarding the statistics of users' search queries in Russia, it is necessary to note an approximately equal number in comparison with similar indicators of gold. In September of this year, the number of search queries about bitcoin reached the peak of popularity and exceeded similar queries for Justin Biber and Philip Kirkorov. 
Currently, those wishing to learn about bitcoin on the Internet are even more numerous than those who are interested in Putin and Trump.

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