In Morocco digital currency was banned. -
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In Morocco digital currency was banned.


The main financial regulator of Morocco yesterday published a decision to completely prohibit all activities related to turnover, exchange and investment associated with digital currency. According to the official announcement of the Foreign Exchange Office, since Tuesday all types of crypto-currency transactions have been officially banned from the country.

The only recognized payment instrument in the country is the national currency - Dirham. All operations related to currency exchange should be carried out on the territory of the country only in national currency or with the use of officially approved foreign currencies. For violation of these rules, the rules provide for the imposition of fines on the perpetrators, but this fact is unlikely to stop the subjects of crypto-currency activities, tk. methods of monitoring their implementation have not yet been developed. In addition, the absence of any state regulation of this segment of the market will attract representatives of illegal business and amateurs of easy money to the country. Until now, the operating crypto-currency start-ups have already begun actively withdrawing their business outside the state.

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