Goldman Sachs in the future allows the trade in crypto currency. -
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Goldman Sachs in the future allows the trade in crypto currency.


Lloyd Blankfein - the head of Goldman Sachs has repeatedly expressed his sympathy for bitcoin and now continues to sympathize with him. Among the Wall Street stock exchange, he stands in line with Steve Novogratz, who actively promotes the use of digital currency.

In a recent Bloomberg interview, Lloyd Blankfein explained that over time, many of the things he had previously been distrustful and cautious about became familiar to him. The same applies to bitcoin.At the same time, the banker insists on a number of risks inherent in the use of Bitcoin: he is actively used by swindlers, who are impressed by his secrecy and anonymity. Blankface also does not detract from the role of the US dollar in criminal activities.

Concerning the possibility of bitcoin investments, he said: "When everything falls into place, the value of the currency will not change the price by 20-25% during the day and liquidity will increase, then it will make sense." Now, according to him, Goldman Sachs reflects over the possibility of investing in the crypto-currency market, but before any real steps in this direction is still quite far.

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