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  • The main Ukrainian bank has not yet identified the nature of the crypto currency.



    Already for a long time in Ukraine is the process of legislative consolidation of crypto-currency transactions. The country, following the chosen course of European integration, is set up for the legislative recognition of digital currencies, but faced a number of technical problems when developing the relevant regulatory legislation. This time problems arose with the definition of the legal status and nature of the digital currency.

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  • Scammers from South Korea, under the pretext of crypto-currency investments, collected $ 38 million from the elderly.


    According to reports of the local police of one of the South Korean provinces, they recently detained a criminal group consisting of 7 people, who specialized in crimeware under the pretext of investing in digital currencies. This group provided its services as a company to attract investment in the crypto currency, and the main clients of the "company" were elderly people who are not strongly oriented in gaining access to the market of crypto-currencies. 

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  • In Morocco digital currency was banned.


    The main financial regulator of Morocco yesterday published a decision to completely prohibit all activities related to turnover, exchange and investment associated with digital currency. According to the official announcement of the Foreign Exchange Office, since Tuesday all types of crypto-currency transactions have been officially banned from the country.

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  • Belarus expects the legalization of digital currencies.


    At present, the Belarus' crypto-currency community is awaiting the signing by the president of several significant normative acts in the field of digital currency. These legislative acts are designed to legalize in the country operations related to digital currencies and their interchange for fiat funds. 

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