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  • The authorities of the Far East of Russia and China intend to trade the forest with the help of a detachment


    Representatives of the Ministry of East Development and the Chinese Association of Woodworking Industry recently discussed the possibility of creating a specialized trading exchange on the basis of blockage for mutual trade in products of the woodworking industry. Representatives of export agencies of both countries were actively involved in the negotiation process.

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  • A farmer from Kherson sells a tractor for bitcoins


    The crypto-currency mania, fueled by the growing bit of Bitcoin and other digital coins growing exponentially, has not bypassed ordinary citizens who have nothing to do with the world of mining and ICO. So, recently on the site of, which specializes in the sale of used agricultural equipment and spare parts to it, an inhabitant of Kherson has posted an announcement about the sale of the Fendt 936 Vario tractor in 2010.

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  • Private business flights: now in Bitcoins


    Most recently it became known that a large commercial airline Star Jets International LLC, which deals with the provision of personal aircraft for commercial flights, began to accept digital coins as payment, incl. and bitcoin. The company, headquartered in the US, focuses primarily on corporate clients with an income level of an order of magnitude higher than the average, provides small Jet aircraft for private flights around the world.

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  • The government of Kazakhstan is set to limit crypto-currency transactions.


    During the recent press conference of the chairman of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Daniyar Akishev, the latter expressed an intention to develop restrictions for operations with crypto currency, they can bear the risks of speculation. Now the agency together with the government of the republic is developing possible approaches to regulating and issuing the digital currency. This work, according to Akishev, involves a number of difficulties,

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