Belarus can legitimize the turnover of the digital currency in the country. -
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Belarus can legitimize the turnover of the digital currency in the country.


According to the director of one department of the largest in the Republic of Priorbank Sergey Lazyuk, Belarus can officially launch an electronic system for the exchange of digital currencies for classical banknotes. 

This, however, will become possible only after the President approves the decree "On High Technologies". According to the text of the document, they are expected to put into operation a full list of products based on the blockchain. Residents will be provided with the right to work as crypto-exchanges, the implementation of primary tokens, the conduct of ICO, as well as the conduct of operations for the exchange of crypto-currency into the national currency. In the light of this document, crypto-currency terminals and exchange offices appear on a completely legal basis in Belarus. 
Such a decision is dictated by the need to maximize the limits of the crypto-currency market in the country, however, according to representatives of the Belarusian crypto-currency community, first of all, it is necessary to change the national legislation in the sphere and develop legal mechanisms to protect the interests of all parties in the crypto-currency market. 
The work on the legalization of the digital currency is already actively carried out by the authorities of Belarus. Earlier it was reported that by the spring of next year the country is planning to put into operation a crypto-exchange exchange, in which the national currency will actively participate.

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