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Because of the huge demand for crypto-currencies, the equipment of exchanges can not cope and blocks their work.


In connection with significant jumps in the prices of major crypto-currencies, such as Bitcoin, the computing power of many crypto-exchanges can not cope with the huge flow of crypto-currency transactions that have fallen through. The equipment simply hangs and some exchanges are forced to suspend their work because of this.

More and more people want to buy bitcoins and this automatically entails an increased load on the stock exchanges. In this regard, most major exchanges are experiencing difficulties in the execution of digital warrants. In connection with the growth of trading, even such a giant as Coinbase, had to apologize to its customers for delays. According to its representatives, in the last few months trading volumes Bitcoin and Efirium have increased more than 8 times. To prevent a full stop of work, the technical team had to urgently increase its server capacity. A number of exchanges, such as Luno and Bitfinex, in addition to the existing server problems, were victims of the DDOS attack.

It is worth recalling that the last maximum price of bitcoins at 11 thousand dollars entailed a massive discharge by investors of these units when the peak price was reached. This, in the opinion of a number of experts, caused problems in the work of the exchanges. Computer power simply could not stand such a sharp and significant increase in the number of operations.

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