Almost 4 million bitcoins disappeared forever. -
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Almost 4 million bitcoins disappeared forever.


According to recent studies conducted by Chainanalysis, which studies the Bitcoin system, the location of 3.79 million bitcoins is not known. Such coins are defined as lost and do not show themselves in the market. The analysis does not determine the exact number of lost units: the company names the figure from 2, 78 million to 3, 79 million.

Thus, losses of BTC are from 17 to 23% of their total number. The analysis was made based on the number of units produced to the number of coins currently in the market. 
It should be noted that this state of affairs is natural, because similar losses are also characteristic of gold and fiat money. 
The very fact of loss of bitcoins and an impressive run-up between their number is explained by the fact that a number of investors keep their stocks of coins in long-term investment projects, which is why they have not shown themselves in the market for a long time. In this regard, we can assume that some coins are not lost, but simply well hidden by their owners. 
The leader in the number of "disappeared" digital coins is their creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, who has about a million units. In the crypto-currency world, they even created their own concept - "Satoshi coins". 
According to experts, these coins are considered to be lost forever, but if they for some reason return to the market, it can significantly reduce the price of bitcoin, because it largely depends on the limited number of units available, and the supply of coins will increase by an order of magnitude. 
Leading experts of the crypto-currency market still can not unequivocally answer the question concerning the possibility of influencing the so-called market. "Satoshi coins," but the calculation of the current capitalization of their market is made without taking into account the value of these units.


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