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A new victory: Bitcoin for $ 10,000.


Contrary to the predictions of many iconic crypto-currency figures, today the cost of the Bitcoin unit has exceeded the threshold of 10 thousand US dollars. Many analysts of the crypto-currency market predicted such a mark of its price only by the end of this year, but it has risen to the current level now.

Despite these forecasts, such a jump in the price of the first digital currency was a very pleasant surprise for the entire global crypto-currency community. 
Most eminent players and analysts of the exchange market, such as Mike Novogratz, immediately considered the prospects for the growth of the price of a new currency product and initially forecast its rapid growth in price during the year. Yes, they earlier also voiced its current cost of 10K dollars. 
The developer of exchange strategies Bob Doll, along with a statement of Bitcoin's rapid success, notes the high likelihood of speculative nature of this phenomenon. He argues that this phenomenon was probably possible due to a number of speculations from crypto-currency investors,but the rate of growth in the price of a crypto-currency unit in a short time stirred the entire stock market.

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